A platform that balances marketing and IT needs.

Core dna has been developed to meet the demands of both developers and marketers. We work to provide developers the most flexible platform, while ensuring marketers have a simple to use technology that enables them to be in control of their digital assets.


Need help with your next project?

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Build solutions at scale

Choose from either headless or templating for your projects. Use our API first architecture to connect systems, create workflows and share information across channels. 


Native solutions without plugins or external apps.

Build solutions with confidence, knowing all the technology is native, without Plugins or external applications


Bridge content + commerce

Create experiences and customizations for both users and admins. Take advantage of our decoupled environment to create rich omnichannel experiences that convert.

The marketer advantages

Work with all the tools you need in the authoring environment to drive speed and productively.


Never replatform again. Always stay ahead of your competition.

Get access to our advanced cloud platform that includes auto-scaling, caching, and global content delivery network (CDN). 26+ updates a year for patching, security updates, and new features - all driven by our customers.


Ongoing support programs

All the training and support you need to succeed online. Ongoing training programs, dedicated account and technical teams to support you.

The most flexible developer ecosystem

Build modern solutions with our flexible platform that gives you the developer the tools you need.


Easily connect with other systems

Hundreds of prebuilt native integrations to connect to external systems.  Use our web hooks engine to connect with your legacy systems, do file transfers or connect with the latest API technology.

Frequently asked questions

CoreDNA is a pioneering brand new type of digital-experience platform (DXP) that has been carefully engineered from the ground up. It's the best way to tackle eCommerce, marketing and content management all at once.

We are a cloud hosted SaaS (software-as-a-service) with an Api-first approach and with natively integrated applications that can be built into the single user interface.

Core dna is a digital experience platform that offers all the solutions you need for your ecommerce, marketing, and content management. We offer an extensive set of features and integrations to make your life easier.

It's a beautifully engineered solution that makes it easy for marketers and developers to do all of their work in one place.

The marketer advantages

Structured content management

Create your content once using a structured approach that properly reflects your business. Then distribute everywhere.

Full platform control
Control every aspect of your website, from content, permissions and design without technical involvement.

Live preview 

With live preview see changes to your website in real time. Manage content within your brand guidelines.

Centrally Managed

Centrally manage media assets, let Core dna optimize and deliver to your visitors.

Workflow and automations

Centrally store your information, distribute everywhere using our Hooks engine and scheduler.

Content versioning

View previous versions of all assets, who created, modified them, and see exactly what was changed.


Schedule a one-to-one consultation with your product specialist

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Walkthrough: An introduction of the Core dna platform
  • Analysis: Personalized recommendations based on your  business needs.
  • Case studies: How other businesses have used Core dna to scale more efficiently

Core dna‘s users are industry leading and branded manufacturers. We have delivered solutions for a number of brands across a variety of industries, with over 1000 websites in production.

Major industry groups include HR & recruitment, promotions, hospitality & tourism, finance, healthcare, community & not for profit, FMCG, and franchises.

Our user base includes Swinburne University, Clark Rubber, Randy's World Wide, Seek, Frontier Touring and Uberall.

Core dna is built as a continuously evolving solution, pioneering the new paradigm of design, build, and evolve when it comes to websites. 

We invest heavily in research and development in order to regularly offer new products and upgrades. Our experienced staff have specialized skill sets and continuously provide invaluable knowledge and innovation, which is passed on to all of our users on an ongoing basis.

Core dna is built as a multi-tenant platform. All users of Core dna login from a single login screen. 

A multi-tenant architecture such as Core dna means that all users and applications share a single, common infrastructure and code base that is centrally maintained.

Because Core dna clients are all on the same infrastructure and code base, Core dna can innovate more quickly and save the valuable development time previously spent on maintaining numerous versions of outdated code.

Core dna provides users with flexibility by allowing the online solutions to be customized and be relevant to each business' unique requirements.

Enhancements and new features are launched quickly to drive business growth and meet new opportunities.

No, technical expertise is not needed in order to use Core dna. Core dna is built for businesses and the people that run them.

You do not need a background in IT or knowledge of technical jargon, or programming language. As long as you have basic computer skills you will be able to use our straightforward and intuitive platform.

When selecting a CMS, customers have the following problems:

  1. Generic Content Platforms. Too many generic CMS make it difficult for marketers to create content, manage images, preview their work and collaborate. They also lack proper security and audit features, so it is hard to control and track what people are doing.

  2. Frustrating for developers. Many are inflexible systems that require heavy customization and 3rd party apps to get your website connected with other systems without custom interfaces making it hard to share information and create workflows.

  3. Poor Performance. Visitors are often left waiting for the website to load. Errors appear without reason. You're learning about security issues through the news. You just don't trust the software.

  4. Limited Support. It’s 3 am, your site is down, but most alternatives only offer 24 hour email support--no chat, and live voice (if available) won’t wake for 3-4 hours. Can you spell F.I.R.E.D?

  5. Incomplete Products. They sell you a car with 3 wheels--their system won’t get your job done… without countless 3rd party apps, or dreaded plugins (each with various levels of non-support, no single point of accountability. or risk of serious security holes). All because the vendor didn’t “complete” their product.

  6. Too Pricey. When you combine costs for upgrades and add-ons, custom development to get what you want, it costs MUCH more than they let on. 

These are the 5 reasons to consider Core dna

  • BEST in Content Management. Includes integrated features like page builderbuilt-in blogging, dynamic forms, collaboration, multilingual content capabilities, international domains, plus several modern features that make creating and publishing content easy.

  • Most flexible Developer Ecosystem. Includes industry standard tools like version control, flexible IDE, GIT Collaborate, multiple environments for development and QA, flexible front end frameworks, or use server side frameworks to deliver unparalleled speed and performance.

  • World-Class Performance. With leading security practices like web application firewalls and load balancing, Core dna provides the reliability and security your team needs to operate in the digital world today.

  • Industries BEST Support & Professional Services. Core dna excels with their top of the line support and services. Of course there are guides to help you get started and documentation for onboarding, however the outstanding features to love are:

  • BEST of all… NO Plugins or 3rd party app Hell. Eliminating system and plug-in incompatibilities, conflicts, unexpected errors, degraded performance, poor support and ongoing security impacts to your website typical with 3rd party apps and plugins, Core dna delivers a clean native system without requiring any custom development. It is a COMPLETE product.


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