We handle the infrastructure, you handle business

Never worry about hosting, updates, site speed, uptime, capacity or security ever again.


Find out why high-growth companies are going "headless"


Give your marketing team the power they want without compromises

Access all the headless benefits along with simple to use admin for content editing,  product management, and visual design.

Create personalized digital experiences

Build dynamic front-end experiences while tapping into the robust security of our API. Publish simultaneously to website, mobile, IoT, AR, and VR.


Infrastructure designed to scale with your business

Products and services designed to support todays global companies.


Get back to business, we’ll take care of the technology

Free up your time from the management of multiple platforms and vendors. Let us seamlessly take care of daily maintenance, security patches, bug fixes, site performance, and hosting.

Multiple sites and stores on multiple devices; all in one platform

Manage your content, catalogs, shipping, inventory, discounts, intranet, micro-sites, and more in one seamless dashboard; No more siloed tech stack.


Putting an end to replatforming

No more "end-of-life" misery. Your sites will always be on the latest version and compatible with the latest features.

Easily integrate with your business applications

Our extensible and flexible platform allows you to develop and scale. Get all the benefits of a headless platform, with the ease of a digital experience platform. Advanced API with GraphQL while supporting legacy environments with file transfer.


Frequently asked questions

Core dna runs on cloud infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure provides relief from the dependency on physical hardware. It also provides a solution for scalability.

In simple terms, cloud computing is a farm of servers that all contribute to a pool of resources. This is separate from the traditional format of one server sitting on one computer.

Cloud based infrastructure refers to how it is it delivered. In this case, Core dna is delivered as a service (SaaS) as opposed to an actual product. What cloud infrastructure allows is shared resources, software, and information to be provided as a utility over the internet.

The cloud-based infrastructure means that the capacity of the Core dna service can be ramped up and down as required, with ease. The main benefit of this lies in the costs. You are not required to pay a standard hosting charge, which is especially important if your website is busy seasonally.

There are many other technical benefits such as:

  • Redundancy
  • High availability
  • No single point of failure (SPOF): meaning that if a part of the system experiences trouble, it does not affect the system as a whole from working.

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