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Culinary Activities

A culinary capital of our own right. World-class shellfish, netted right off the shores of the North Atlantic. Sustainably farmed and locally grown ingredients with big flavour. Craft brews and award-winning spirits that entwine our heritage with our land. On our Island, delicious means something entirely new.

  • World-Class Shellfish

    A must-eat destination for seafood lovers. The finest lobsters and snow crab in the world come from the cold coastal waters off our Island. Sustainably sourced from ship to shore, savour Cape Breton Island’s renowned shellfish on your next culinary adventure.

  • Eat Local

    Forage for market fresh goods. Experience the dry-aged flavour of grass-fed Highland beef. Dine on some of the world’s finest lobster—straight from the wharf. Whether you visit a bustling public house, community lobster boil, or an intimate bistro, you’ll taste our Island in each bite.

  • Craft Beer, Wine & Spirits

    Along the Nova Scotia Good Cheer Trail, you’ll find our flavour. Sample unfiltered craft beers farm-side. Let the robust notes of North America’s first Single Malt Whisky dance on your tongue. Or, get a taste of history with a colonial rum experience at the Fortress of Louisbourg.

Take Out & Delivery

In the midst of social distancing, our Island’s culinary establishments and breweries are ensuring you continue to get quality meals and drinks while remaining safe. Home deliveries of chef-prepared meals, products sourced directly from local farms and farmer’s markets across the Island, and local craft beer are all being offered.

Locals Know

Illustrated map of Cape Breton Island

Easy to Find. Hard to Leave.

There are direct flights to Sydney from Toronto and Montreal and from other North American and European cities via Halifax. If traveling by ground, the Trans-Canada Highway 104 leads to Cape Breton Island.

Getting Here and Around