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Climate & Weather

Our landscapes might offer extremes but our weather is decidedly moderate. Cape Breton Island enjoys a temperate coastal climate that rarely dips too cold or gets too hot with the weather and temperature fluctuating throughout the day. Around here there’s a saying that often rings true: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” You’ll often experience sun, wind, and clouds in the same day, so pack smart and dress in layers.

Climate & Weather 2
  • Spring

    Mid-March to late April: 0 to 10 °C (32 to 50 °F)
    Late April to mid-June: 10 to 20 °C (50 to 70 °F)


  • Summer

    Mid-June to mid-September: 20 to 25 °C (70 to 80 °F)

  • Fall

    Mid-September to mid-November: 10 to 20 °C (50 to 70 °F)
    Mid-November to mid-December: 0 to 10 °C (30 to 50 °F)

  • Winter

    Mid-December to mid-March: 0 to -15 °C (0 to 32 °F)

Daily Weather Information

Current weather forecasts are available online on the Environment Canada Weather Centre website, the Weather Network website or by phoning 1-902-426-9090 (English) or 1-902-426-9095 (French).

For up to the minute weather conditions visit

Locals Know

Illustrated map of Cape Breton Island

Easy to Find. Hard to Leave.

There are direct flights to Sydney from Toronto and Montreal and from other North American and European cities via Halifax. If traveling by ground, the Trans-Canada Highway 104 leads to Cape Breton Island.

Getting Here and Around