Deliver personalized retail experiences

Sell with excellence in-store and online


Manage every detail

Personalize every shopper’s journey

Segment your customers and offer targeted promotions, products, and pricing based on customer profiles, online behavior, and purchase history.

Powerful search functions

Empower your customers to find whatever they need with predictive searches and advanced filters.

Manage content with ease

Centralize everything from landing page copy to produce descriptions and edit it all with a marketer-friendly drag-and-drop interface.

Branch out with ease

Monitor growth

Detailed reporting

Stay on top of inventory and monitor sales, orders, popular products, and revenue in an actionable dashboard to help you see which products and categories are performing — and which ones aren’t.

Customer profiles

Know your customers by checking out their individual profiles encompassing interactions such as order history and contact information.

Abandoned-cart recovery

Track and recover lost sales via automated emails that urge customers to complete the checkout process.

Frequently asked questions

Our analytics module allows you to capture information about customers and prospects, providing detailed information regarding how they find, interact with and eventually leave your site, helping you determine whether or not your goals and objectives are being reached.

Our engine supports a number of search tools, including customizable Elasticsearch (for facets, site search). If you have a specific engine in mind, we can also evaluate integrating it.

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