Create content and experiences for the enterprise

Take control of the customer experience. Create and deploy content centrally across channels and into all your systems. 

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Complete control, without involving your developers

Headless content management

With headless content management capabilities, Core dna lets you deliver content to any channel and device through rapid APIs.

Deploy unlimited multi-sites from one dashboard

Our Digital Experience Platform is more than just a CMS, it lets you efficiently manage and scale unlimited web properties from a single location.

Content management made easy

Centralize your content to avoid duplication, to simplify exportation and finally to organize and edit it with ease.


Build content with speed

Time to market, slashed

Forget building websites from scratch. Our robust set of ready to use applications help you rapidly develop and deploy sites.

Connect your existing systems

Core dna seamlessly integrates with the application you already use to run your business, from CRMs and ERPs to payment gateways and much, much more.

Scale at will

Our hybrid cloud system combines the best of cloud and dedicated infrastructure, meaning it will automatically scale to meet your demand — no matter how much traffic you're receiving.


Unified digital experience platform for marketers

A collection of tools and support services to help accelerate your marketing efforts.


Design personalized customer experiences

From simple to advanced segmentation

Deliver personalized website experiences for any user by segmenting any content in any Core dna application. 

Personalize the entire customer journey

Deliver relevant and personalized messages, content and offers based on parameters you set.

Omnichannel personalization

Personalized websites and apps are cool, but personalized VR experiences and Alexa Skill are even better.

Benefits for your marketing team

Core dna can provide marketing teams a number of advantages when compared to traditional platforms.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Core dna was built by an agency, for agencies. We know that marketers need low-code environments to operate in, so we baked in features like marketing automation, email marketing, content previews, and personalization.

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No, you can add as many users as you want, without additional cost. 

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