Embody stability and reliability across every channel


Manage every instance from one, secure and compliant digital location

Multi-site & multi-tenant

Manage unlimited web instances from one location and give every department the ease that comes with a multi-tenant architecture.

HIPAA compliance

The Core dna DXP has been built to make HIPAA compliance a breeze, while our experts can help streamline the process.

Built for big data

Synchronize your patient records across CRMs and other legacy platforms for management inside Core dna. 

Organize departments with ease

Personalized digital care

From simple to advanced segmentation.

Deliver personalized website experiences for any user by segmenting any content in any Core dna application. 

Omnichannel personalization

With headless content management and personalization features baked in, you can make every visit count — no matter the channel or device.

Framework agnostic

Unlike other CMS, Core dna never limits you to use a certain programming language. Integrate with our pre-built applications; there’s no need to build a new technology for every website

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