The tools you need to build, deploy and innovate at scale

Have the flexibility to use a combination of modern tools and battle tested tools to build solutions for todays modern web.

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Headless CMS: The Definitive Guide


Innovate solutions at scale

No more building from scratch

Pre-built microservice applications along with object-based content functions make building solutions rapid and repeatable.  

Perfect DevOps environment

Deploy and change designs and content with Bitbucket, GIT or any other distributed version control system.

No front-end limitations

Create any design using any front-end framework and build complex web properties with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Never re-platform again

With regular updates for new features, upgrades and updates a year, you can build an integrated solution with peace of mind.

Enjoy the seamless updates without any disruption

Core dna is never versioned, so as you grow, Core dna grows with you. The platform is updated and gets better every day without interruption to your service. 

Hands-free management

Core dna removes the need to install patches or plugins, or worry about scaling and securing infrastructure. Our dedicated team handles the back-end technology management.


The complete system to deliver digital solutions for your stakeholders


Set permissions for greater control

Manage access and workflows

Empower regional groups while maintaining control over corporate data.

Fewer calls for help

Reduce the burden of constant help tickets thanks to content control features and front-end layout control.

Multiple agency resources on a single platform

Have your marketing agency deploy landing pages, while your front-end partner is rolling out new design features.

Frequently asked questions

No, we’re not an open-source platform. Our platform is delivered as a closed sourced SaaS Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

Core dna has been fine-tuned and developed over a decade after years of experience in the online environment. The platform is continuously innovated in-house by our large team of dedicated, full-time developers.

This allows us to deliver updates to our partners and users instantaneously as they are implemented. Our platform is developed on the LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP).

Core dna is designed on open, component-based architecture to be a flexible environment that can be easily managed. The architecture supports a range of operations and has been tested on both Unix and Windows based platforms. This helps to reduce problems that can arise from different operating systems and allows flexibility during deployment. The presentation layer supports an interaction with the business logic through the services layer. It allows the flexibility for each of our clients to control the look and feel of their website as well as the functional modules they wish to deliver.

The technology is built on the scaleable technology stack. Linux base operating system, Apache HTTPd web server, MariaDB database layer and PHP development language. The front end stack is agnostic and we have developed solutions using a variety of front end frameworks including Bootstrap, Foundation, UI kit, AngularJS, React.

Core dna is a hosted platform, a true multi-tenant, single instance SaaS solution.

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